Residents Won’t Bear the Brunt Of Tower Cost For A Fraction Of The Service


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Officials dropped a cell tower project proposed by Homeland Tower after vehement opposition from residents, reported the Examiner.  According to Mayor Gina Picinich, “There is a need for more consistent cellular service in some of the southern areas of the village. And we also need to set up the cellular infrastructure for our future because there is an intensification of use and an intensification of need.”

Homeland Tower Attorney Robert Gaudioso reported a balloon test was already conducted in two locations, defining tower heights at 130 and 100 feet tall respectively. Both locations would have needed an access drive and required the removal of 25 trees. Gaudioso tried to assure the board that a tower in either location would provide sufficient cell service for residents who live in Mount Kisco’s southern portion regardless of their carrier, reported The Examiner.  

However, residents still voiced their opposition saying the tower would be an “eyesore, ruin the landscape” and be constructed too close to homes causing a negative impact on property values. Residents also cited concerns that they wouldn’t directly benefit from the tower.

“When I looked at the new materials it showed that 75 percent of the benefits of improved coverage goes to residents of New Castle and Bedford, not Mount Kisco,” said resident Michael Holden. “One hundred percent of cost goes to residents, homeowners, and taxpayers of Mount Kisco with barely a quarter of the benefits. That is not a good trade in my opinion.”

The board acknowledged that Holden’s claim was accurate, something that was not mentioned by Homeland Towers in its report to the board.

The board decided to short-circuit the tower discussion but Picinich noted, “We still have a problem and we don’t have a solution to that problem. I do not know how to resolve this problem at this time,” she added. “Intensification of use is going to create less viability and we still need to find a solution to that.”  Comments? Email Us.

February 7, 2019   

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