RFS Releases New Broadband Antenna For Repack


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Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) says its broadcast business has increased 500 percent in the past 12 months, as it unveils new products to support U.S. repack customers. At the same time, the wireless and broadcast infrastructure manufacturer released a new elliptically polarized broadband antenna.

The launch of RFS’s Elliptical Wideband Slot antenna aims to address anticipated challenges in the next repack phases with a flexible off-the-shelf solution. 

The antenna is designed for full band operation, featuring a constant 25 percent or 30 percent elliptical polarization on all channels. By using off-the-shelf modular components, RFS is able to tailor the product to suit customer needs while significantly reducing delivery lead-time. 

RFS says the antenna is easy to install, and as challenges mount over main antennas being ready for repack deadlines, its product can act as an auxiliary antenna, offering broadcasters an interim solution that will solve problems faced by broadcasters over the next 12 months.

“Later phases of the repack are working within very narrow timeframes that will push the equipment manufacture industry more than ever before,” said RF Director of Broadcast Sales Eddy Vanderkerken. “Broadcasting equipment has always relied on made-to-spec equipment that brings with it a long lead time that isn’t necessarily suited to the industry’s current need. By creating an off the shelf solution that can be adapted depending on broadcasters need and delivered quickly, we hope to ensure the repack continues to go off without a hitch.”

June 21, 2019

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