Ringwood is Buzzing About Cell Tower Generator Noise


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Connectivity isn’t the issue in Ringwood, NJ. It’s the noise from a temporary generator that has people talking. As NorthJersey.com reports, AT&T started working on a planned upgrade at this time last year and brought in a diesel-fueled generator to guarantee there would be no interruption of emergency services. AT&T is still working on an underground connection to the power grid and the installation of a natural gas generator, and meanwhile, the diesel engine hums on.

“Listening to a generator for weeks on end, until the site is up to code, is unacceptable,” said former mayor and nearby resident, Wenke Taule. “One of my neighbors called the police because she thought something was about to explode the noise was so loud.”

Borough manager, Scott Heck, said the use of the temporary generator had been approved by the borough council and was not operating in violation of any noise or emissions laws. Still, Heck acknowledged that it was disturbing to some residents and attempted to reassure them saying, “This generator cannot stay here forever.”

“The power must continue. Dispute or no disputes,” said borough attorney Richard Clemack. “We’re allowed to turn off the generator, but we can’t obviously because of the public service; the 911.” 

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