Rooftop Antennas Approved No Problemo


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The Council and the mayor last Tuesday unanimously approved a conditional use permit for T-Mobile to erect three antennas on the roof of a New Kensington high-rise building along Fourth Avenue, according to the TribLive.

“They’re relatively not obtrusive compared to a tower,“ said City engineer Anthony Males. “The towers really stand out. There’s an existing one up there for Verizon, and it’s the same thing. Very limited opposition or concern by most of the residents.”

“We’re proposing to improve coverage to T-Mobile subscribers in the New Kensington area and people that work and travel through the area,” T-Mobile agent Dave Chrzan told the TribLive. “We had met all the conditions that were needed. We’re asking for final approval.”  He said they would start installing the antennas by the spring.

Males said the antennas will be on top of the eight-story Citizens Plaza Apartments building at 700 Fourth Ave. They will be 10 feet tall. He said because New Kensington is in a valley, there can be dead spots, and the antennas will help with that.

Males said the city prefers antennas because they are low profile compared to cell towers, which can be 100 to 150 feet tall. He said there already is a Verizon antenna on top of the building. That antenna is also 10 feet tall.  No one attending Tuesday’s meeting spoke during the public comment sections. Males said he wasn’t surprised by that, the TribLive reported.

January 8, 2018     

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