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rsi_yellow_triangle_transparrentFor almost 20 years, RSI Corp has been a respected privately-owned corporation committed to radiofrequency radiation compliance safety. The instructors consist of professionals who have decades of real-world safety experience. They have assisted thousands of companies in complying with OSHA/FCC regulations and other industry standards.

RSI’s mission is “safety through education.” The staff works with clients to understand individual situations, a trait that CEO Miranda Allen says illustrates the company’s passion for people and safety.

“We strive to work with our clients and find out what their needs are, not just give them a cookie cutter solution,” she said. “You have to have an individualized plan, and in order to do that you’ve got to have somebody who really understands different aspects of the supply chain, to have that one-on-one contact and be an expert for our clients.” 

RSI uses OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainers for both webinar class design and in-person training. The live webinar course covers issues including RF safety monitors, antenna identification, thermal health effects, OSHA rules and more.

RSI MirandaAllenAdditionally, the company provides solutions to protect groups from fines or litigation stemming from noncompliance, incidence of RF overexposure, and other general technical or safety issues. RSI also specializes in hazard assessments such as noise studies, live and online training, safety programs, MPE analysis, and RF/FCC signage.

RSI has trained nearly 100,000 people, with courses approved by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and is approved for continuing education points, CME and recertification credits from the Society of Broadcast Engineers. The technical staff at RSI is authorized to provide testing for ETA, conduct FCC commercial radio exams, and has Certified Utility Safety Administrators (CUSA) and American Safety and Health Institute instructors.

RSI safety plans and programs were originally written in the 1970’s and have been evolving ever since.  The RSI Superior Survey Techniques class has been taught as an industry standard. RSI is an organization founded by a variety of specialists whether it’s in oil and gas or farming and civil engineering, who saw a true need for safety in telecommunications.

“Our founders said they could take the same principles that we’ve used in safety for OSHA and use them for telecommunications to make for a safer workforce, which makes for a more productive workforce, which is really what it comes back to,” Allen said.

Allen said that by specializing in RF, RSI can focus on making job sites safe for workers and the general public while maintaining the cell signal that we need.

When clients are looking for a proper training course or company, Allen stresses three main aspects: the instructor, the longevity of the organization providing the course and which entities accept that organizational training.

“Different general contractors and carriers accept different training. You’ve got to make sure that those trainers have real world experience and really understand it,” she said.

She also agrees with the industry regulating itself in a proactive manner and making itself “light years ahead of the curve instead of some government bureaucracy doing it.”

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By Alyssa Stahr

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