Rye City Council Poised to Say ‘No’ to Revised Crown Castle Proposal

Although an official vote will not happen until March 15, the Rye, NY City Council already expressed its opinion regarding a revised proposal from Crown Castle to install wireless systems across the neighborhood, and it’s looking grim for the tower giant.  

After more than a year of debate and scrutiny from the City Council and the public, which required Crown Castle to revise its initial proposal, members of the City Council told the Rye City Review that the plan in its most recent iteration will not pass review.

The plan calls for 64 nodes, the same number proposed in the initial plan, as well as eight additional municipal locations. The Council can either reject the plan outright or issue a more stringent environmental review process on the wireless system.

“Based on this current plan, I think I would have to do a full environmental impact statement, which we haven’t done,” Councilwoman Danielle Tagger-Epstein told the Rye City Review.    

According to City Attorney Kristen Wilson, either decision from the Council will trigger a legal challenge from Crown Castle. “My hunch is that [either scenario] will invite litigation from Crown.”

Wilson also said Crown Castle was asked to reduce the number of nodes, as well as the size of the boxes it had initially proposed—both of which it didn’t do. “The hope is that they would come back with less nodes—they didn’t do that—and ideally smaller boxes, which did not happen.”

March 13, 2017   


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