Safety LMS: “Demand the Best” In Tower Safety Training


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Safety LMS was founded by JP Jones to fill a gap in training for the industry. Safety LMS’ mission is to provide training beyond the minimum regulations enforced in the industry, bringing the best training to students, their companies, and the industry at large, ensuring customers have everything they need to run a safe business.

JP has been in the industry for over 40 years, and his goal was to use that experience and knowledge to create the best option for tower companies when it comes to safety training,” said Benjamin Bowman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Safety LMS. 

“We’ve always had a real-world approach regarding our curriculum. Due to the experience that all our trainers have, we can give our students an unparalleled view of the safety world.”

An example of this is their approach to rigging instruction for the Competent Rigger Course. The course was developed to give experienced tower technicians the understanding of rigging equipment, techniques and the calculation of loads and forces created during the lifting sequences. Upon completion, workers can competently write and perform Class 1, 2 & 3 rigging plans and complete the work of Class 4 plans under the supervision of a qualified engineer.

“JP built the course from the ground up with the contractors in mind. Our instructors have the freedom and are encouraged to reference real-world situations when teaching the class to better help our students understand why these skills are important,” said Bowman.  But that’s just one course in the Safety LMS catalog of both on-site and online training. The company also offers NWSA certifications, First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10 and 30-hour courses, as well as online classes for RF Safety, Capstan Operations, and even UAS flight training. They are the only training company in the U.S. with the experience and knowledge to offer Gin Pole, and Base Mounted hoist operations classes or heavy lift helicopter external loads courses, explicitly built for Repack and Tall Tower work.

“What’s important to know is that we offer courses well beyond what’s ‘required,’” said Bowman. “We can fully customize training courses for specific jobs or unique environments. The options are endless.”

What makes Safety LMS unique within the safety space? The company was built by experienced telecom professionals, for telecom professionals.

“When students attend a class, they know their instructor has been through exactly what they’re teaching, and it’s easy to tell the curriculum is based on decades of real-world experience,” said Bowman. “We have students who call us only looking to tick a box, they assume our class is the same as the past five that they have completed with a competitor and are frustrated that they have to repeat the same class.”

“That same student will give us a call after completing the course to tell us they can’t believe how much they’ve learned and are looking forward to coming back for more training,” Bowman added.

The instructors and the entire staff at Safety LMS are passionate about making the industry safer across the U.S. and beyond, especially as the industry grows, and workers with little to no experience enter the telecom space. Safety LMS is committed to providing access to the best training possible.

“We offer classes in multiple locations all over the U.S. every week and companies can send their employees to these classes, or we can schedule a class at their location. Our curriculum is available in Spanish, and we are currently working on translations for Chinese and Russian-speaking students to take advantage of both our in-person and online courses,” said Bowman.

Safety LMS is also continuously setting standards for safety. The company’s President, JP Jones, is a Board Member of NATE who served on a committee that developed the ANSI A10.48 standard. Safety LMS was the first company to implement the new standard into industry curriculum. “All of our employees are eager to jump at an opportunity to help or volunteer within a committee or standards board,” said Bowman.

“We pride ourselves on continually updating our courses, so we’re teaching the most up-to-date information. The last thing we want is for someone to come through a class and not learn anything new. At that point, we aren’t doing our jobs,” said Bowman. “Safety is the goal, and we want everyone to demand the best.”

Safety LMS is located in Cedar Park, Texas, and has six training locations spread throughout the U. S. They also provide online and on-site training domestically and internationally. For more information on Safety LMS or to schedule training, visit

May 16, 2019

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