SBE to C-Band Dish Users: Register Your Site


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The Society of Broadcast Engineers is urging stations that use C-Band receive-only earth stations to make sure the FCC has their current registration information.

Nothing that the Commission is looking to clear at least a portion of the C-band for wireless use, the SBE says: “Our ability to protect the C-Band is dependent on the FCC getting a full picture of the extent of use of the C-Band by broadcasters. This is an urgent requirement.” The information is due to the agency by May 28.

Operators of fixed-satellite service earth stations in the C-band that are licensed or registered in the IBFS database maintained by the FCC International Bureau (which regulates satellites) must certify the accuracy of all information reflected in IBFS on their licenses or registrations. The certification is not required for new or modified licenses filed in the recent C-band filing window from April 19, 2018, to October 31, 2018. 

All other operators of FSS earth stations in the C-band (including temporary-fixed or transportable earth stations) must provide certifications in the form mandated by FCC. This includes call signs, file numbers, applicant or registrant name; and a signed certification statement.

Temporary fixed or transportable earth station operators in the C-band that are licensed or registered in IBFS must provide additional information regardless of when they were licensed or registered including: call sign, address where the equipment is typically stored, the area in which the equipment is typically used, how often the equipment is used, and the duration of typical use. That includes number of transponders typically used in the C-band and the extent of use.

It also asks for point-of-contact information. All earth-station operators, even those who are exempt from the filing requirement because they filed in the last C-band filing window, are required to update their information in IBFS in the event of a change in the contact information or any of the technical data furnished.

May 15, 2019

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