Scarsdale Petition Calls for Seven Step Small Cell “Diet”


Over fifty people signed a petition urging the Scarsdale, NY mayor and Village Board Members to “enact a protective wireless cell antenna code regarding the deployment of 5G wireless telecommunication facilities in residential neighborhoods.” The petition cites health risks, property devaluation, and adverse aesthetic impacts as effects of small cells.

The petition asks local officials to “adopt a strong legislative code to protect our community from 5G antenna installations, particularly near our homes and schools, to the fullest extent possible under the law.” Seven key provisions are outlined in the petition, including:

  • Allowing small cells only in commercial or industrial zones or within 1,000 feet of residential and mixed-use zones. 
  • Enacting a 1,000-foot setback for residential and mixed-use zones near schools, daycares, medical facilities, parks, playgrounds, etc.
  • Authorizing the Village to conduct random, unscheduled, and independent testing of any wireless antennas installation to ensure compliance with the FCC’s RF radiation guidelines with costs covered by the applicant operating the antenna. 
  • Requiring certification and documentation that any small cells would fill a significant coverage gap.
  • Providing photo simulations of the proposed installation(s) from any property owner’s perspective within 250 feet.
  • Notifying any property owner within 250 feet of proposed installations within five days of the application filing, making any documentation available to the public.
  • Ensuring the applicant and corporate operator of any proposed small cell have obtained liability insurance, which does not include a “pollution” exclusion.

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