Schenectady County Invests In Emergency Services


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Eager to expand the reach and effectiveness of its emergency radio system, Schenectady County, New York, legislature is poised to move forward with plans to invest millions in it community. The $18.6 million upgrade will fund through several sources, including a $6 million state grant, reports the Daily Gazette.

The construction or overhaul of new cell towers is at the heart of making all the improved communication possible. 

Duanesburg will host a new 195-foot tower. Eleven other towers in the region will be upgraded with new equipment. The project is estimated to take up to two years to complete and will include modern microwave communications equipment adding to new radio gear, towers, and tower improvements. 

“Every second counts in an emergency and the ability to improve and expand our current radio system will ensure better communication between our dispatch, police, fire and EMTs and provide a quicker response which often can mean the difference between life and death,” Anthony Jasenski, Legislature Chairman from Rotterdam told the Gazette.

The upgrade will establish a single system that unites police, fire and emergency medical agencies within Schenectady county. Albany County will also connect its Motorola radio system to further combine emergency forces. The new arrangement will make it easier for emergency responders who may be coming into the county from other areas. “A number of the existing systems are reaching the end of their useful life,” stated County Manager Kathleen Rooney.

June 12, 2019

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