Second Annual Wireless West Conference Kicks Off in San Diego

Yesterday marked the start of the 2nd Annual Wireless West Conference, held in Downtown San Diego.

The conference started with a touching tribute to John Zitting, founder and president of TruNorthe. The amount of Orange Ribbons worn by attendees at the conference are a clear indicator of John’s influence within the wireless industry, and how strongly he will be missed by the members of our field.  A fund has been set up at:

The opening Keynote speaker was Henry Bzeih, Managing Director of Kia’s Connected & Mobility Division speaking on the future of connected cars and the wireless industry.  “This is only the second time I’ve spoken with members of the wireless industry, but I am certain that conversations and gatherings like this will become much more likely over the coming years,” Bzeih said. “What is really growing is connection between vehicles and the outside world. There is a lot of work to be had in the infrastructure of communication in V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) connectivity. Just imagine the level of synchronicity required by each autonomous vehicle on the road to make sure they do not run into each other,” he said.  

“We are incredibly grateful for Henry joining us to share his expertise on connected cars,” CALWA President Patti Ringo said. “His presentation was truly eye-opening as to how this developing industry will be a leading focus for our industry in the years to come.”

Kari Willis, WWC17 Organizer and CALWA Board Chairwoman said, “We have come together to provide an experience unlike anything else in the wireless industry, and are excited to announce that the attendance at Wireless West has grown significantly since last year. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and attendees, and are looking forward to a memorable Day Two!”

April 20, 2017      


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