Second-Generation Climber Cody Jones Wants To Keep On Moving Up


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cody jones (1)The cell tower industry is relatively young, so it’s rare when you find a second-generation climber—like Tower & Turbine Technology’s Cody Jones.

Jones has worked for the Texas-based company for the past four years as a tower technician. His father and stepfather both climbed and he joined the industry at just 18 years old.

“I’ve always wanted to climb,” Jones said. “I always thought it was cool when we’d be going down the road and Dad would point to a tower that he had built growing up.” 

Although Jones was familiar with the industry before working as a tower technician, he said it took him about a year to get used to the heavy travel schedule, something climbers across the industry know about.

“I didn’t like it at first,” Jones said. “But now if I sit at home for more than a couple weeks, I’m antsy to get back out on the road.”

He also said he was surprised by how committed climbers are to working in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

“Rain, sleet or snow, climbers in the industry work,” Jones said.  

One of the aspects of the job Jones was not surprised about was the importance of safety. Growing up around the industry, he said he had heard too many stories about climber accidents to not take safety seriously.

“I’ve heard too many horror stories,” Jones said. “I always trust my gear, and I’ve always paid especially close attention to the safety aspect.”

Jones said he is surprised by how many people are now getting involved in the tower climbing industry. He said he has “three or four buddies” who have gotten involved with it since he started five years ago, which highlights the shift in popularity from tower climbers’ days of relative obscurity during his father’s time.

Still in his early twenties, Jones said he wants to continue working his way up the industry ladder, perhaps one day becoming a crew foreman.

“I want to take this as far as I can,” Jones said.  

By Benjamin Horvath

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