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Enlisting the assistance of Verizon, the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar and the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) have joined forces to bring 5G on to the military base. The agreement is a four-year deal that will have the parties working together on a smart city project, reports The scope of the plan also includes the operation of self-driving vehicles, drones, energy communications, and the digital fortress. 

“We began talking to Verizon two years ago about this collaborative agreement that would help move MCAS Miramar’s effort of achieving the smart city initiative,” said Lt. Col. Brandon Newell, Director of Technology and Partnerships for the Marine Corps Installation Next program. “So 5G here at Miramar [California] is really to unlock all kinds of smart city type efforts, not just simply having the expected benefit of faster and better cellular connections.” 

“As technology advances, we as the military will find opportunities to grow and improve our own facilities,” stated Newell. “We aim to maximize the sources that we have and this 5G tower will enable us to achieve the Installation Next capabilities.” 

The success of the Miramar project will facilitate upcoming 5G roll-outs planned for numerous locations in the upcoming months. Build outs at the next wave of connected bases will be overseen by Installation Next and the SoCal Tech Bridge. Congress is providing the funding for the 5G initiative that will connect military personnel at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, The National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Joint Base San Antonio, and Tinker Air Force Base.  

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