Senate ‘Made the Right Call’ to Reconfirm Pai


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Congratulations to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on his Senate reconfirmation to another term are pouring in. Wireless Infrastructure Association President/CEO Jonathan Adelstein says Pai “gets it,” and “truly appreciates the fact that wireless infrastructure provides the foundation for the communications networks that deliver the innovative and often life-altering mobile applications so many of us depend on each day.” The Chairman has “advocated for pole attachment rule reform, improved siting on federal lands, ‘dig-once’ policies, and tightened shot clocks that will help ensure high-speed broadband infrastructure gets deployed quickly and efficiently,” said Adelstein.

CTIA President/CEO Meredith Attwell Baker agreed, stating that “Pai’s continued leadership and expertise is essential as we transition to next-generation 5G wireless networks. He understands the need for smart policies to spur investment, innovation and growth and the importance of America continuing to lead the world in wireless.” Competitive Carriers Association President/CEO Steven Berry added that “Pai has been an integral part of the Commission for the past several years, and his time as Chairman continues to promote his Digital Empowerment Agenda and the FCC’s efforts to help bring much-needed mobile broadband service to all consumers, especially those in unserved and underserved rural areas.”  

“The Senate made the right call,” noted USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter. “FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s laser-sharp focus on closing the digital divide has the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of millions of Americans. At his core, he gets that broadband matters to our nation’s communities, be they large or small, urban or rural.” Similarly, Genny Morelli, President of ITTA – The Voice of America’s Broadband Providers, said: “ITTA looks forward to continuing to share with him the important work of advancing broadband, particularly to rural areas, and eliminating unduly burdensome regulations.”

“Hailing from Kansas, he knows first-hand what quality and affordable communications mean to rural communities, and we are eager to continue working with the Chairman and his colleagues on removing barriers to investment and advancing and sustaining our nation’s universal service goals,” stated NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association CEO Shirley Bloomfield.

And representing the broadcasting industry, NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith said Pai appreciates broadcasting’s unique role as an indispensable communications medium. “We appreciate his effort to ease outdated regulatory burdens on local radio and TV. We share his vision for a vibrant communications future that allows local broadcast innovation and robust competition to largely unregulated broadband and pay programming providers.”

October 4, 2017     

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