Shaping the Future of Broadcast Through Innovation for Nearly a Century


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GatesAir has supported the over-the-air industry from its inception, nearly 100 years ago. Founded in a kitchen pantry in Quincy, IL by the Gates family, Gates Radio and Supply Company was born in 1922. At the helm was Parker Gates, whose visionary approach to broadcast technology helped establish an industry that connected the world to information.

Over the years, GatesAir has developed innovations in over-the-air analog and digital broadcasting to empower radio/TV stations and networks worldwide. In 1957, Gates was acquired by Harris Corporation and continued to make groundbreaking developments in over-the-air broadcasting. In 2013, the company was purchased by private equity firm Gores Group and “reborn” as GatesAir.

The company has been involved in all digital transitions across the world, active across six continents with over-the-air radio and TV, enabling people to connect with one another. For many customers facing these transitions, grasping technical ramifications may feel overwhelming. GatesAir helps them save money and “future proof” equipment choices, all while leveraging the best use of wireless spectrum to maximize performance.

“We’re really the one-stop shop for over-the-air TV and radio consultation, supply, and installation,” said Bruce Swail, Chief Executive Officer, who leverages over 35 years of telecom and electronics experience. “In television, we’re currently in phase two of the eleven phase Spectrum Repack rollout and I’m proud to say that GatesAir is leading the market in Repack sales and shipments. At the same time, we’re preparing our repack customers for an ATSC 3.0 future, which brings the promise of a fresh business model and new opportunity.”

The GatesAir Maxiva air-cooled (UAXTE & VAXTE transmitters) and liquid-cooled (ULXTE transmitters) lines work with different power levels to keep things cool, especially in warm climates, while remaining cost-effective. Their Flexiva radio transmitter models support both analog FM and HD radio and are also available in air-cooled and liquid-cooled models. GatesAir also offers a range of Maxiva transmitters for DAB radio, which serves international customers, and the family of Intraplex networking products for audio transport.

GatesAir has developed the most comprehensive distribution and delivery portfolio in the industry, with all R&D plus manufacturing of equipment done in the USA. “Our headquarters are in Quincy, IL, right on the Mississippi River a few hours north of St. Louis,” said Swail. “We’re a little corner of the country shipping huge technology all over the world.”

In addition to its longevity within the broadcasting industry, GatesAir has earned nearly 300 active global patents and more than 50 awards for technical innovation, including two Emmy® Awards.

GatesAir has excelled with operational efficiencies and continuously invests in developing new technologies and platforms to evolve with the times. “Because of the company’s lineage, some of our tech people have been with us for decades and are the world’s foremost experts,” said Swail. “Many GatesAir employees routinely speak at conferences and share their vision and contributions with the industry.”

As for its reputation, the company focuses on service and support for its customers as well as collaboration among its dedicated, 300-plus person workforce. “On the support side, we’re equally deep, and can react like no one else,” said Swail. “In the U.S., we have a core team in the Midwest who can be reached easily. We are never more than a few hours away from deploying personnel to a site if needed. We understand the urgency of operating in a 24/7 business.”

“We wake up in the morning thinking about broadcast and we go to sleep thinking about it, too. Broadcast is all we do,” added Swail.

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By Keara Piekanski for Inside Towers

March 19, 2019      

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