Shared Network Canada Accused of Acting “In Bad Faith” on Tower Project


Shared Network Canada (SNC) plans to erect a 213-foot tower on a farm property just east of the village of Maryhill and residents are not happy, reported the Observer.

Residents protested the placement of the tower at a council meeting, promoting SNC to move it elsewhere and not overshadow the historical center of the village.

Resident Donna Hartman addressed the council, “I am not here to stop Shared Network from constructing a tower. I am here to ask you to refuse the site chosen by Shared Network based on the unique characteristics of our community.” 

Communications towers are regulated by the federal government and although municipalities can comment on proposals and challenge the location of a proposed project, they have no vote in the matter, reported the Observer.

According to Murray Martin, SNC “did act in bad faith,” pointing to the lack of communication around the project and a public open house – with little notice – held in a neighboring town, not in Maryhill.

As a next step, SNC promised to hold another public session, this time in Maryhill. Regarding the council’s vote on the matter, even if they do request that SNC find an alternate site for the tower, there’s no guarantee Industry Canada will listen to the township, noted Dan Kennaley, the township’s director of engineering and planning.

April 16, 2018         

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