Sherwood Forest Goes 5G With Immersive Headsets and Robot Dogs


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Visitors to Sherwood Forest will get the opportunity to do more than just imagine Robin Hood and his Merry Men. According to BBC News, an immersive experience awaits travelers brave enough to don an augmented reality headset that will bring the legendary characters to life. The “An Arrow in Time” production will re-introduce the fabled highwayman and his cohorts to 21st century day hikers.

Once the installation of 5G antenna relays is complete, the woods of Nottinghamshire, England will earn the distinction of being the first 5G-connected forest. It is expected that the connectivity upgrade will also benefit residents and businesses in the area, and feed the robot dog.  

Yes, you read that correctly. While visitors roam the woods encountering men in tights via their headsets, a robot dog will also travel through the landscape gathering data. Unlike a static camera that can only focus on one area, the mechanized pup will be able to access harder to reach areas and report back on the condition of Sherwood Forest.

Associate professor Taufiq Asyhari from the University of Birmingham, which holds the robot dog’s leash, told BBC News, “With the robot dog, we can equip it with a camera and it can capture data.” Drones will also be employed to capture additional data.

Estimates are that the project will take 25 months to complete. The government’s Rural Connected program is contributing to the project, which has a cost of approximately $13.6 million. The investment is likely to result in “billions” in profits, according to Nottinghamshire county councillor, Keith Girling. “It’s going to draw attention to Nottinghamshire,” he added, “Which has got to be a good thing for investment.”

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