Sioux City, IA, Lawmakers Discuss Tower Review Process


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The Sioux City, IA planning and zoning commission voted unanimously on June 14 to keep things as they are: the city council will not have the final say of where towers are placed in the city. Instead, the board of adjustment has final say on tower applications and issues conditional use permits, according to the Sioux City Journal.

While the board can ask the council for consideration, the council legally does not have the final word on placement. Mayor Bob Scott told the Journal after the vote that the council should have the final discretion, because “we’re the ones who get held responsible for it even though we don’t have any say.”

Jason Geary, commission, chairman, said that the vote to keep the board of adjustment as the final say “will help meet a future growing demand for mobile access.”

Additionally, the recommendation at the meeting included a tower height reduction from 200 feet to 150 feet in residential areas, an encouragement of stealth towers and paint of a neutral tone without signage, the newspaper said.

Sioux City currently prohibits towers in downtown commercial, suburban commercial, casino entertainment and historic districts, the Journal said.

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