Site Owner Wants Vets To Have Calling Card Minutes In Addition To Cell Phones


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dogs-33653__180Lease Advisors partnered with CPFS (Cell Phones for Soldiers) in August 2015, and vowed to donate 300,000 prepaid cellular calling card-minutes to veterans and those currently serving. For each billboard or cellular lease acquired by the company, it will donate a portion toward this 300,000 minute target.

CPFS was founded by Massachusetts couple Robbie and Brittany Berquist to help veterans pay for the cost of calling home. Lease Advisors’ partnership with CPFS is part of a broader effort across the wireless industry to support military personnel and veterans.

In partnership with Lease Advisors, two South Carolina landowners recently made a donation to CPFS. Ronald J. and Richard H. Myers Jr. will provide more than a thousand minutes of free talk time to military veterans in the Fort McCoy, Wisconsin area, reports the Times Democrat.                 

Earlier this year, several telecom operators announced plans to hire tens of thousands of veterans in conjunction with the White House’s Joining Forces initiative, led by First Lady Michelle Obama. The veteran training organization Warriors4Wireless also partnered with several tower companies to train veterans for the growing number of tower technician job opportunities in the industry.

“Our organization has an opportunity to offer to the industry a group of young men and women all across the country who have a sense of pride in what they’re doing and an incredible work ethic,” said Warriors4Wireless president Vince Patton in an interview with Inside Towers. “They also bring a tremendous amount of intelligence that will be of value in the industry.”

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