Siyata Mobile Gets Clearance For FirstNet Ready Phone


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Siyata Mobile announced that they have developed an in-vehicle phone for use by FirstNet providers. “FirstNet devices and modules go through extensive review, so First Responders can be confident that Siyata’s UV350 meets the highest standards for reliability, security and performance,” said Chief Operating Officer Bob Sloan, who is heading the FirstNet program at AT&T.

“Drivers who are operating vehicles, whether it is a first responder vehicle or a commercial truck, need to feel safe while communicating important information,” said Siyata Mobile’s CEO, Marc Seelenfreund. 

“The demand for a multi-functioning in-vehicle device remains strong, so Siyata is pleased to launch the Uniden UV350. The device allows first responders who are driving to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel to concentrate on the situation at hand. Safe driving.”  

FirstNet providers communicate over the dedicated Band 14 spectrum. The UV350 is an in-vehicle mounted phablet that has been tested and approved to operate on the FirstNet bandwidth.

The Uniden® UV350 relies on power supplied by the vehicle’s battery. Cell boosting back up technology further strengthens the signal for emergency providers. The phone is designed to incorporate the functions of multiple devices that response crews may be using. Firetrucks, ambulances and police cars should all be able to use the UV350, which Uniden also states delivers a strong, clear sound quality. The phone allows drivers to take advantage of AT&T’s enhanced Push-to-Talk or Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) technology.

Watch the video here.

June 12, 2019

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