Small Cell Bill is Close to the Finish Line in West Virginia


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The West Virginia House of Delegates last week considered a bill to speed deployment of small cells. On Monday, the House Committee on Technology and Infrastructure heard testimony on Senate Bill 3. As amended, it would create the West Virginia Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act, reported the Journal News.

The bill establishes the regulatory authority for the installation, operations, marketing, modifications, maintenance or replacement of utility poles. It also establishes fees for small cell deployment by wireless providers.  

The measure ensures a special valuation method for wireless technology for property taxes, and provides relief for businesses that invest in areas of the state that have been undervalued. It allows for new tower construction to be valued at a salvage rate for five years following construction, according to the Journal News.  

The measure was under consideration in the House Judiciary Committee late Wednesday. The bill passed on a voice vote and headed for further discussion on the House floor and pending final passage. The bill has received support from both Senate and House lawmakers, and from organizations such as West Virginia for Broadband and the West Virginia Broadband Council.   Comments? Email Us.

March 6, 2019

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