Spartanburg Braces For 5G Impact


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Over 1,000 people have signed a petition in Spartanburg, SC wanting to keep 5G wireless units out of residential neighborhoods and away from public structures like traffic lights. City attorney, Bob Coler, acknowledges that citizen’s voices have been heard, but points out that Spartanburg is also subject to federal rules. “We are between a rock and a hard place,” he said.

“The folks that are opposed have understandable concerns, but the federal government has expressed [a desire] to have telecommunications throughout the country.”

Worried about the impact of 5G on its town, some residents in Spartanburg are taking steps to make sure the appearance and placement of new cell towers is minimized. reports that local ordinances and petitions aim to place as much decision making as possible with the town.

Some of the concerns center around maintaining the look of their historic town. An ordinance passed by the city legislators blocks the telecoms from mounting small cells in trees and would limit them to using existing poles. Opponents of 5G advancement also continue to cite imperil health as a reason to curtail wireless development, despite the fact that both the FCC and World Health Organization have stated that no danger exists. 

“If a credible study is accepted by some nationwide entity,” Coler further said, “we reserve the right to pull this and stop it.” Of the ordinance itself, he said, “We are put in a position where we have to do something. We have incorporated as many protections as we can…This is the best process to protect our citizens’ health and safety, the value of our downtown properties and the aesthetics of our properties.”  

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