SteepSteel: Innovating the Cell Tower Lease Marketplace


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SteepSteel is the nation’s first and only cell tower lease auction and marketplace providing a revolutionary, centralized platform to facilitate the sale, purchase, and management of cell tower leases and related properties. SteepSteel also acts as a consultant to numerous government agencies and private landlords nationwide.

With over 30 years of experience in the development, investment and property management space, James Kennedy, CEO, and Founder of SteepSteel recognized early on that cell tower leases had values that were not necessarily correlated with underlying real estate values. This disconnect motivated Kennedy to study the market for years to bring a better solution to clients.

“There are more than 300,000 cell sites nationwide, but information available via the FCC registry and other industry sites is not 100 percent reliable,” said Kennedy. “This creates knowledge gaps that aren’t easy to fill because readily available information is lacking by design. At SteepSteel, we’ve created a marketplace with proprietary methods to confirm market-specific lease values in order to make certain the opposite is true. We’re committed to giving clients access to market information and to creating a more user-friendly experience for all the players involved.”  

SteepSteel is dedicated to helping clients get the most from tower, rooftop, ground or small cell agreements. SteepSteel provides clients with professional guidance, insights, and results while transforming confusing, complicated options into practical business solutions.

Working with government agencies, real estate professionals, legal professionals, non-profits, churches, school districts, investors and private landlords, SteepSteel offers the following services:

  • Lease Consulting, Sales, and Auctions
  • Lease Valuations, Marketing, and Management
  • Lease Extensions and Amendments
  • Site Development, Relocation, and Decommissioning
  • Small Cell/DAS Consulting
  • Master License Agreements
  • Asset Marketing & Management Partnerships
  • And More

Kennedy knows his company is swimming upstream but he’s not slowing down. “We’re here to shake up the industry, but how can we make the carriers and tower companies more comfortable with our presence? If there are any assets that need to be sold, we will give them the right of first refusal on all transactions, even if the lease doesn’t require it. This is revolutionary for the industry but it’s the right way to do business and ensures a true free-market transaction. In addition, we have had carriers, tower companies and infrastructure contractors enthusiastically embrace our government consulting and management services,” said Kennedy. “Our experience and scale allow us to negotiate far more effectively than many municipalities which results in an efficient plan, executed quickly, saving the carriers and tower companies money while maximizing our clients’ opportunity.”

As for more opportunity within the industry? “With the onset of small cells and 5G, this shift is going to create an exponential increase in manageable and salable sites, allowing us to use new and emerging technology to help our clients even more,” said Kennedy.

“We have a lot of exciting opportunities coming our way in the next quarter and are excited about the chance to truly revolutionize the way business is done in the wireless agreement market space in the very near future,” added Kennedy.

Having studied and analyzed thousands of wireless (cell tower) leases over the past 15 years, Kennedy and his team are on a mission to negotiate fair terms for all parties involved in the leasing process and to help ensure the market maintains its competitive balance. For more information on SteepSteel, visit, email [email protected] or call 855-783-3566.

By Keara M. Piekanski, Inside Towers

September 6, 2018