Stolen Cell Tower Batteries Found in Suspect’s Garage


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The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department has arrested a man in possession of four deep cycle batteries that had been stolen from a nearby Verizon cell tower. Kenneth McFarlane was easily tracked, reports the Fontana Herald News, because unbeknownst to the suspect, the batteries were equipped with GPS tracking devices.

The theft occurred less than a week ago when property owners discovered that someone cut the padlocks securing the cell tower site. All four batteries discovered in McFarlane’s garage have been returned to their rightful owners. 

McFarlane has been charged with grand theft and possession of stolen property. He was already on felony probation in the county following an arrest last summer for possession of a firearm and controlled substances, and was booked into the Central Detention Center.

McFarlane was alone at the time of the arrest, but the Sheriff’s Department has asked for any information about related criminal activity. Tipsters are encouraged to call the Central Station at (909) 387-3545.  

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