Stop 5G Spartanburg Group Derails AT&T Proposal


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The stripped down lifestyle of the classical Spartans has inspired some residents of Spartanburg, SC to rally against the onset of 5G technology, reports  Although no towers, or even small cell infrastructure, have yet been placed, “Stop 5G Spartanburg,” a local group of anti-tower residents, has begun protesting its possible arrival.

Bob Coler, Spartanburg City Attorney, confirmed the city has spoken with both Verizon and AT&T. 

“If we don’t have something in our code,” he said, a telecommunications company, “can show up with an application and demand it be acted upon in 60 days.” Failing to act on such an application could result in a situation where the FCC enforces its own rules with little regard for local wishes. Despite the state of alert, the uproar may be precipitous. So far, only Verizon has made a request – for one booster box.

Coler also pointed out to concerned citizens that working with the telecoms will give residents more voice when it comes to aesthetics and specific placement of equipment. The city could also potentially generate revenue by implementing 5G technology.

Undeterred, the Stop 5G Spartanburg contingent spoke out about safety concerns.  Said the group’s founder, Lia Tocco, “Given the potential risk, it is prudent to be concerned that the long-term safety of 5G has not been verified. In fact, several studies have documented reason for concern. It is undeniable that a scientific consensus regarding important safety concerns does not exist.” 

July 17, 2019

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