Subcarrier Muscles Its Way to the Top of the Independent Tower Market


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screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-10-58-44-pmFor the past 30 years, Subcarrier Communications has successfully managed a growing portfolio of tower and rooftop cell sites, striking a balance between private industry and government agencies. During that time, the company has exhibited a commitment to excellence, according to its owner and founder John Paleski, while dealing with local government bodies, wireless providers, and consumers. Currently, the company manages over 800 building rooftops entrusted to them by property owners, and more than 300 tower sites.

Paleski said the tenacity and commitment held by those at Subcarrier was displayed during one particular event that transpired fifteen years ago in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. After a particularly long acquisition period which lasted three years, Subcarrier representatives navigated through planning and zoning measures to confirm building permits for a 250-foot tower anchored by Verizon. After equipment was finally installed in October, a terrible blizzard surprised local motorists. One woman ran off the road during the snowstorm, and was badly injured. Fortunately, the new tower provided cell service, and she was rescued by emergency workers.”We received a call from emergency services the next day telling us the details,”  said Paleski. “I was so proud!” Such a rescue would not have been possible, Paleski said, without the perseverance and skill of those involved in the company’s acquisition process.    

While not all situations have provided such a stark example, people in all 50 states benefit from the services provided by Subcarrier. Sites for government infrastructure typically comprise public works yards, waste yards, existing buildings, excess land, water tanks, and other government-owned or controlled land not in use. Existing buildings provide the bulk of Subcarrier’s sites. Wireless providers benefit from the company’s Build-to-Fit program, designed to meet the network needs of operators and providers. While requirements vary according to region, the program offers efficient flexibility and customization for property owners and clients. As Subcarrier continues to expand, Paleski said, they will bring along a commitment to six principles: Dignity, governance, innovation, integrity, team work, and excellence.

Check out Subcarrier’s Video and for more information visit their website.

By Braden Hall

December 9, 2016

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