Surprise, 5G Has Been In Indy For Two Years


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The next-generation infrastructure has made itself home across residential areas in Indianapolis, reported WTHR-TV, but many residents are not happy about their new inanimate neighbors. According to Eric White, president of North Willow Farms HOA, he’s fielded thousands of questions over the past few months regarding 5G infrastructure. 

With six sites already approved and nine under review in the area, White said neighbors are concerned over health effects, decreased property values, and the process regarding tower placement. He also claims homeowners were not notified regarding the plans for the 5G towers.

“A privately-owned company should not be able to just come onto your property and build a tower,” White said. “We feel that there needs to be some kind of process for how this would unfold that involves communication and prepares homeowners for what is about to happen.” 

But should residents be surprised by 5G? According to Verizon Wireless, Indianapolis “was one of the first cities in the world to get 5G service when we launched Verizon 5G Home there nearly two years ago [October 2018].” In an email to WTHR-TV, the carrier said of the situation, “Verizon takes very seriously the health and safety of our employees and customers, and of all residents in the communities we serve. All Verizon facilities, including the small cells that Verizon is deploying to provide 5G service, are required to comply with the FCC safety standards.”

Verizon went on to note that “A recent survey by RootMetrics found that cellular service is of major importance to homebuyers (76 percent of responders) and more important than schools (60 percent) when looking for a home. And broadband internet access (the kind provided by 5G service) is even more important because of COVID-19 restrictions, for things like remote work, online schools, content streaming, etc.” 

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