Sweating 5G in the Chicago “Burbs”


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The Illinois General Assembly approved the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act in 2018, opening the doors for 5G to move in. Verizon’s 5G pilot program has eyed the towns of Western Springs, Hinsdale and Schaumburg for their 5G rollout project. However, the Chicago Tribune reports that the “Stop 5G Hinsdale and Neighbors” contingent is not ready to welcome their advanced technological friend.  

At a recent meeting of the group, attendees expressed their misgivings about 5G in their community. Speaking as a radiation authority from her background as a gynecologist, Dr. Fariha Dipasquale said, “Studies [uncited] have shown risks with the type of radiation 5G technology emits, which could include damage at the cellular level and risks both physically and mentally which take place over time.”  

The citizens group urged others to contact legislators with their concerns, ranging from aesthetic issues, to potentially compromised property values, to the aforementioned health fears. Noting the advantages to the more powerful connections, group founder Christine Trainer spoke of the advantages saying, “5G will be used for smart homes and appliances and self driving cars,” but cautioned “What people don’t know is that our current 4G devices use 2-6 GHz and 5G will use 20-100 GHz.” 

Whether the GHz transmitted are traveling at 4G or 5G speeds, the World Health Organization has concluded the EMF exposure does not represent a health risk. 

December 9, 2019

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