Syracuse Orange Covered By Verizon Pink


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The town of Syracuse in upstate New York will be one of the first in the United States to experience 5G coverage throughout the town, reports Mayor Ben Walsh welcomed the telecom to town and touted citywide 5G as an important part of his Syracuse Surge initiative. The mayor’s economic development strategy is part of his plan to help the region recover from the effects of the pandemic. 

“Syracuse is proud to be the first city in Upstate New York to secure 5G service,” Walsh said. “Moving forward with 5G is a huge competitive advantage for Syracuse and will help our city recover more quickly from the economic impact of the pandemic,” he added. “It also provides vastly greater data capacity at a time that virtually every business and organization is relying more on online services to function remotely.” 

Since 5G relies on numerous short range connections to support the coverage, residents can expect to see small cell units popping up around town as more of Syracuse comes online. Verizon has already been granted approval to install 600 of the units on streetlights throughout the city. The 5G ultra wideband coverage is making its first appearance in the north side of the city, confirmed Verizon spokesman, David Weiss. 

Although Walsh expressed his confidence in 5G, according to, critics have accused the mayor of betting on unproven technology and system shortfalls. Given its limited range, 5G may blanket a neighborhood but be unable to penetrate some building walls. 

Verizon spokesman Weiss confirmed that Verizon intends to continue with its installations, bringing 5G coverage to all corners of the city. After lengthy delays resulting from labor issues, health concerns, and zoning issues, Weiss said 5G plans for Syracuse are moving ahead. 

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