T-Mobile Carries the Ball for Big Game Coverage Needs


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T-Mobile has expanded coverage and increased network speeds in the Twin Cities in preparation for customers’ needs during Super Bowl LII, when over one million people are expected to pack the U.S. Bank Stadium and surrounding area. This network enhancement has been two years in the making, with the end result increasing LTE capacity up to 35x in the Twin Cities area, according to the carrier.

T-Mobile took a multi-pronged approach to the network augmentation, installing over 120 new small cells in the stadium and surrounding areas, using distributed antenna systems, and adding backhaul. The enhancement also includes doubling the LTE spectrum and the roll-out of carrier aggregation, speed-boosting C-RAN technology, 4X4 Multiple Input Multiple Output, and 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, it announced.

While the fans attending the game will certainly benefit from this network boost, T-Mobile customers in the Twin Cities will reap the benefits of this project for years to come, according to company CTO Neville Ray: “T-Mobile customers will get amazing speed and coverage whether they’re in the stadium or anywhere in Minneapolis … even long after the Super Bowl crowds leave.” The small cells installed in the stadium and surrounding areas can eventually be used to launch License Assisted Access for future network capacity and speed enhancements.

January 22, 2018

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