For T-Mobile, Gigabit Class is Now In Session With New Modem

Last week, T-Mobile says it demonstrated the speed and power of Gigabit Class LTE on its network coupled with smartphones powered by Snapdragon Gigabit LTE modems from Qualcomm. A live demonstration showed download speeds of 611 Mbps, according to the announcement, compared to the average speed of 23 Mbps in the U.S.; and this technology is now live in 430 markets. T-Mobile also unveiled plans to launch License Assisted Access (LAA), another advanced LTE technology which taps into unlicensed spectrum on small cells, to further densify the network for even more capacity and speed.

With plans to expand their footprint to more than 920 markets, this could be bad news for competitors, especially Sprint, who’s merger deal with T-Mobile recently fell through, according to the Motley Fool.  Now, T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced network can up to double previous download speeds for customers. With the combination of carrier aggregation, 4X4 MIMO, and 256 QAM, speeds can double yet again – 4x from where they are today. Although these speeds do not exist in all markets, overall, it moves T-Mobile light years ahead of Sprint, according to T-Mobile.

How does it work? Along with sufficient spectrum and backhaul, Gigabit Class LTE is achieved by simultaneously accessing LTE Advanced technologies in both the device and the network to increase capacity, improve spectral efficiency, reduce congestion, and deliver faster speeds. That means T-Mobile customers with capable devices could get Gigabit Class LTE download speeds in 430 markets.  

The Un-carrier’s LAA small cell deployment paves the way for 5G with a dense upgradable infrastructure. Earlier this year, T-Mobile launched LTE-U, the precursor to LAA, in certain locations.

Benefits of Gigabit Class LTE include:

  • Virtual Reality: Flawless streaming of 3D virtual reality sports and entertainment events by NextVR
  • Productivity: Near instantaneous access to files in cloud storage
  • Entertainment: Super-fast download of TV shows and movies for offline play
  • Network Capacity: Gigabit LTE devices increasing network capacity and speed for all users regardless of device

November 14, 2017               


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