T-Mobile Introduces Free 5G for First Responders


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T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) CEO Mike Sievert launched Connecting Heroes, the company’s 10-year commitment to provide free service and 5G access to first responder agencies. It’s open to public and non-profit state and local fire, police and EMS departments. Interested agencies can sign up here.

“People who save lives shouldn’t have to choose between life-saving equipment and wireless service. And with Connecting Heroes, they won’t have to,” said T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert. “This is the kind of impact the new T-Mobile can have in the world. This is the kind of difference we can make.”  

Connecting Heroes provides free unlimited talk, text and smartphone data with the highest network priority to every public and non-profit state and local, police, fire and EMS agency. “We’ve been partners with T-Mobile for well over 10 years, and what we’re seeing through this Heroes program is, they’re walking the walk and not just talking the talk,” said Mike Mayta, CIO for the City of Wichita, KS.   

T-Mobile says the Connecting Heroes launch is made possible by its 5G network and the increased capacity that will be enabled from the acquisition of Sprint. In a few years, the new company will have 14 times the capacity of T-Mobile standalone, covering 99 percent of Americans nationwide, the “un-carrier” claims.

5G service is now live in San Francisco and Sacramento and is starting to light up across Tampa and Orlando. T-Mobile says its 5G network now covers nearly 6,000 cities and towns and more than 225 million Americans across more than 1 million square miles. That’s on top of its LTE network which it says covers more than 99 percent of people in the U.S. T-Mobile’s nationwide coverage map is here.

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