Tarpon and T-Mo Tap Naugatuck Residential Tract


Florida-based Tarpon Towers is interested in buying 4.5 acres of residential land to bring more coverage to Naugatuck, Connecticut. According to Citizen’s News, Tarpon Towers plans to build a cell tower at 815 Maple Hill Road, less than half a mile away from the town’s public elementary school and a ten-minute drive from large stores like Wal-Mart, the Citizen News reported. As of now, the primary cell phone company partnering with Tarpon Towers is T-Mobile, but there is still space for three other mobile providers to join the plan. T-Mobile already provides network coverage to 6.24 square miles of the city of Naugatuck and the proposed cell tower plan would add an additional 2.6 square miles of coverage.  

The projected height of the cell tower is 150 feet tall. The builders plan to construct the tower inside of a 50-by-50 foot fence on a 2,500 square foot gravel patch for public safety. To access and construct the cell tower, 21 trees will need to be removed from the area and approximately 12,000 square feet would be disturbed in the construction process.  

Before the plan can be brought to the Zoning Commission, the Connecticut Siting Council has to approve of the cell tower proposal. However, Acting Executive Director of the Siting Council Melanie Bachman, said she had not received any plans for the tower as of April 10.

The plan put forth by Tarpon isn’t the first cell tower to be proposed in the area, according to Citizen’s News. A year ago, the Board of Mayor and Burgesses approved Eco-Site, a tower communication service from North Carolina, to build a cell tower in an area neighboring Maple Hill but construction has not yet started.

April 17, 2018

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