Telecom Associations Cheer FCC Vote to Open Up 2.5 GHz


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Telecom associations reacted favorably to the FCC’s vote to open up the 2.5 GHz spectrum for wireless use. During the vote, Chairman Ajit Pai noted that Wireless Internet Service Providers approve the action. Afterwards, WISPA President/CEO Claude Aiken said: “In addition to eliminating antiquated educational use and other restrictions for existing licensees, WISPA applauds the FCC for making a significant amount of spectrum in rural areas available for small providers via ‘right-sized’ licenses, ‘right-sized’ spectrum blocks and bidding credits.”  

Other telecom associations supported the action as well. The National Association of Tower Erectors Executive Director Todd Schlekeway said, “Industry access to spectrum ultimately equates to more deployment opportunities and NATE member companies stand ready to convert this valuable spectrum into action so that American businesses and consumers can experience the power and conveniences of a 5G-driven economy.”

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association CEO Shirley Bloomfield said the association is grateful to the FCC, “for continuing generally to consider ways of making more spectrum available, and for continuing as well to take steps to promote use of spectrum by small businesses and in rural markets specifically.”

CTIA SVP Regulatory Affairs Scott Bergmann said the auction, “is a critical opportunity for the deployment of next-generation networks, representing the largest amount of contiguous spectrum available in the millimeter-wave bands. Combined with the additional mid-band spectrum the FCC is reviewing, this action will help meet the growing demands of today’s wireless users and ensure the U.S. continues to lead in 5G.”

July 11, 2019

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