Telecom World Applauds FCC Ligado Move


Telecom associations hailed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s decision to move along Ligado’s application for L-band use yesterday, saying it will unleash more mid-band spectrum for future wireless use. (See lede story.)

“After years of diligence, study, and discussion, today’s action is further evidence that the FCC bases its decisions on science and engineering. Freeing up more spectrum, especially mid-band spectrum, is vital to 5G deployment,” said WIA President/CEO Jonathan Adelstein. He characterized Ligado’s proposal as an “enormous opportunity for infrastructure investment.” 

CTIA praised the agency for cutting through red tape in order to come to a decision. “This multi-year process reveals the challenges at play in our nation’s spectrum policy and the need for stronger support for new commercial wireless services,” said CTIA SVP/General Counsel Tom Power. “We need to all learn lessons from this process and ensure that decisions on key spectrum bands like lower 3 GHz occur in a more expedited and collaborative manner.”  

“This long-awaited, positive progress comes at a critical time for all Americans, particularly those in rural areas, who are relying on mobile connections and services more than ever before,” said CCA President/CEO Steve Berry. “Mid-band spectrum provides real opportunities for deploying next-generation technologies, and competitive carriers are eager to access this valuable resource to expand and enhance their networks.”

Ligado President/CEO Doug Smith commended the agency staff for making a sciencebased, engineering-driven decision. He echoed the importance of lower mid-band spectrum for 5G. “As Ericsson and Nokia technical studies on our proposed network deployment have shown, the superior propagation characteristics of our spectrum will improve mobile 5G coverage – both outdoor and indoor – and in doing so, accelerate the deployment of 5G networks.”

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