Tell The FCC What You Think About the Future of 5.9 GHz


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Public comments are due soon on the FCC’s intended changes to the auto safety band [5.850–5.925 GHz]. The input from the public sets up the agency’s next steps. 

Commissioners unanimously adopted the plan, which would repurpose some of the 75 MHz band for new auto safety technology and other unlicensed uses like WiFi. 

However, the Department of Transportation and a bipartisan mix of lawmakers remain opposed, saying the full band should stay allocated for auto safety.

The proposal would permit unlicensed devices to operate in the lower 45-megahertz portion of the band at 5.850–5.895 GHz under part 15 of the Commission’s rules. It would also permit Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) operations in the upper 30- megahertz portion of the band at 5.895– 5.925 GHz under parts 90 and 95 of the Commission’s rules. ITS operations would consist of Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C–V2X) devices at 5.905– 5.925 GHz, and C–V2X and/or Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) devices at 5.895–5.905 GHz.

The document also asks whether alternate spectrum band approaches would better achieve the goal of maximizing the effective and efficient use of the 5.9 GHz band. That includes whether differently sized sub-bands or greater flexibility to introduce additional vehicular safety communications technologies into the band would be warranted. 

Comments are due to ET Docket No. 19–138 on or before March 9. Reply comments are due on or before April 6. Federal Register publication triggered the due dates. 

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