The Future of Wireless Charging Brought to You by Xiaomi


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Xiaomi, a Chinese multinational electronics company, unveiled new technology to update how people charge their devices. The Xiaomi Mi Air Charge improves wireless charging and requires no wires or physical contact, reported WCCF Tech

Since the device doesn’t require cables or the need to set the phone down on a charging mat, it enables users to enter “’a truly wireless charging era,” according to Xiaomi. The tech operates by relying on a charging stand, like a transmitter, called the charging pile, placed in any corner of a room.

The tech uses five-phase interference antennas built into the charging pile to detect the smartphone’s position within the environment, reported WCCF Tech. The phase control array consists of 144 antennas, used to transmit millimeter-wide waves through “beamforming” oriented towards the smartphone.  

Xiaomi has also built a miniaturized version of the antenna array into the phone. The antenna has two parts, the beacon antenna array and the receiving antenna. The beacon antenna transmits the phone’s location, while the reviving antenna converts the millimeter-wave signals sent by the charging pile into electric energy. 

Although the charging speed is currently capped at 5W, users can still charge multiple devices simultaneously, according to Xiaomi. The Mi Air Charge is not disrupted by physical objects between the tech and the phone – there’s no impact on the transmission or charging speed.

The company released a video on its vision of charging in the future.

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