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The internet is making its way across the Pine Tree State thanks to an initiative by Redzone Wireless, reports The company intends to reach 26 new communities this year, with further inroads into another 50 locations.

To connect rural Maine to the world of wireless, Redzone plans to use existing infrastructure, including cell phone towers and radio towers. 

The company will lease the structures to support a specific band of the spectrum licensed by the FCC that extends across the state. Relying on signals that transmit through the wireless spectrum rather than through cable and fiber, should make the internet more easily attainable to residents who live in remote, under served areas, according to the company.  

Redzone VP of Sales, Michael Forcillo, explains, “When we started we began developing and activating portions of the network around the state, beginning in the larger hubs. From those hubs, we can expand out into more rural areas.” Once the groundwork has been laid, signals can be linked and relayed to an expanding audience of internet users. “We can extend from tower to tower, and with these hubs, we can get a connection through the air to another area 20 miles away, ” he said. “Presque Isle or Caribou have telecom infrastructure that can be leveraged to bring it further afar.”

While the more populated sections of Maine likely have broadband access, other towns are so far out of reach of traditional providers that satellite service is their only affordable option. Forcillo said Redzone will finalize its timeline early in 2019 and begin its quest to bring high speed broadband access to even the most remote Maine communities.   Comments? Email Us.

February 4, 2019   

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