The Pony Express Is Faster Than 5G!


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Photographer Klaus-Peter Kappest has been unhappy with his slow internet speeds at his home in a rural, hilly village in western Germany. With a broadband upload speed of just 1.5 Mbps, it often takes hours to transmit images to his clients, reported the Daily Mail. So, Kappest experimented to see if a horse could deliver his photos faster than the internet.

The delivery test came about after Kappest complained to colleagues at a local publication regarding his slow internet speeds. The editor joked that “he would be better off delivering his pictures by horse.”  

Kappest decided to test the theory and enlisted a local teenage rider to deliver a DVD with 800 photos to a printer’s office six miles from his village. Simultaneously, Kappest uploaded the same images to a file-sharing service and set a timer, reported the Daily Mail.

The file transfer took five hours; the teen on horseback delivered the files in one hour, 44 minutes. After the story got out, the village’s local internet provider promised to install fiber-optic broadband, so Kappest might not have to rely on the “Pony Express” forever. 

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