The Republican Convention is Drawing Telecom’s Attention


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america-1298136_960_720As Cleveland still basks in the glow of basketball glory, the very same arena that served the Cavaliers well will convert to a hotbed of internecine politics in a few short weeks.

To make sure tweets,selfies, scathing texts and whispered phone calls are all delivered on demand, Verizon and AT&T have upgraded their wireless networks for the Republican National Convention.  According to newsnet5 in Cleveland, AT&T invested more than $325 million into area wireless and wired networks from 2013 to 2015. The company also expanded the band of radio frequencies used on more than 70 towers to provide increased speeds.

Verizon doubled its network capacity in Cleveland with upgrades including new wireless Distributed Antenna Systems. Those systems will be installed where traffic will be heaviest—the Cleveland Convention Center and Hilton Cleveland Downtown hotel, the Ritz Carlton, Tower City Center, JACK Casino and other key areas like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, said newsnet5.                

“Just four months ago, AT&T announced more than 45 upgrades were made to their wireless network in our area last year.  Now the number of improvements has climbed even higher,” State Senator Tom Patton told newsnet5. “Keep in mind, they’ve not yet been able to really dig into all the network upgrades at the Arena yet, so there will be additional enhancements made. This is a lasting change that all of us in the Cleveland area will benefit from for years to come. I thank AT&T for their continuing investment in our community.”

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