The Town of Kent Convenes on Tower Projects December 14


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Homeland Towers is proposing an AT&T tower to bring “reliable wireless communication services” to the center of town, where coverage is non-existent, reported the News-Times. After reviewing 25 locations, two proposed sites were up for discussion at a recent Board of Selectmen’s special meeting.

According to Kent’s new first selectman, Jean Speck, “Cell service is a public utility. People need to have reliable service for 911 coverage.”

She added that there are some “serious coverage gaps” in town where emergency radios have no coverage.

Per a 2018 report from the Connecticut Siting Council, many towns in the state’s northwestern and northeastern corners are underserved when it comes to broadband. The proposed tower will bring coverage to residential neighborhoods and businesses/retail areas near the tower, per Homeland and AT&T’s technical report. 

The Board of Selectmen will hold a public informational meeting December 13, to discuss installing a tower at either 93 Richards Road or on Bald Hill Road. AT&T explained the tower will cover the central part of town as well as provide a dedicated network for emergency personnel and first responders.

The News-Times reported the town is also considering two additional tower-related projects. This includes replacement of three and six antennas, respectively, at two existing sites.

December 3, 2019

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