Tower Site Calendar’s 16th Edition Goes to Press.


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2017-calendar-coverOpen the pages of the 2017 Tower Site Calendar and you’ll see art-deco buildings at twilight, lush fields of corn, cloudscapes to dazzle the imagination, and beautiful skies in myriad shades of blue.

And the towers. TV, FM, AM directional and nondirectional and a beautiful Blaw-Knox.

These photos are the reason people buy the Scott Fybush Tower Site Calendar year after year.
“Engineers are notoriously underappreciated for the hard work they do,” says Fybush, who has worked in radio and television news for more than two decades. “The calendar shows some recognition for their design and maintenance of the infrastructure that allows all of us to have easy access to radio, TV and cell phones.”  

The 2017 edition, soon shipping from the Fybush Media store features thematic page designs, durable coil binding and pictures taken from his travels all over North America and beyond. This year’s towers:

•WBOB. The Jacksonville, Florida station signed on during World War II.
•WWVA. A site dating back to the 1940s, still standing even after a recent severe storm.
•WFEA in Manchester, New Hampshire. America’s oldest vertical AM tower.
•A tower farm in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. The site broadcasts radio to Milwaukee.
•The site of the former CKSL. The second station to sign on in London, Ontario.
•The Voice of America’s Edward R. Murrow transmitting plant in Greenville, North Carolina. The only survivor of three VOA plants.
•Two tower farms in the New Jersey Meadowlands. The towers broadcast New Jersey and New York City radio signals.
•Ann Arbor’s 107one. A rooftop site overlooking the University of Michigan campus.
•KFXX in Portland, Oregon. A three-tower array that di-plexes with its Vancouver sister station.
•KELO in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Celebrating its 80th anniversary in October 2017.
•WBEE in Rochester, New York. The station playing country music for 30 years.
•KKAP, Aptos-Capitola. A site camouflaged as flagpoles in the middle of a golf course.
•KCTV in Kansas City. A self-supporting tower more than 1,000 feet high, now a local landmark.

In addition to the photos, the calendar’s monthly pages include significant dates in radio and television history, as well as civil and religious holidays.

The 2017 calendars cost $19.50 each ($21.10 including sales tax for New York State residents) plus $3.50 shipping first class or $6.50 Priority Mail, and can be purchased by check (payable to “Fybush Media”) or money order to 92 Bonnie Brae Avenue, Rochester NY 14618, or online at

November 17, 2016

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