To Be Seen or Not To Be Seen, That is the Question in Missouri


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A proposed cell tower in Washington, MO has residents pondering what it means to be disguised. According to eMissourian,com, the same officials who approved a recent permit are now encouraging residents to question the appearance of the 155-foot cell tower that they okayed.

“There are disguised cell towers that blend in, this doesn’t blend in at all,” Fourth Ward Councilwoman Gretchen Pettet said of the pine tree design selected for the new tower.

Mayor Sandy Lucy agreed, noting, “This [proposed cell tower] just towers over everything.”  

Washington Community and Economic Development Director, Sal Maniaci, explained to city officials that while there is little that can be done to stop the progressive of digital connectivity, the ability to select the appearance of a cell tower is within their power. He pointed to other structures already in place in Washington that conceal equipment. He suggested clock towers and observation towers, a water tower and artificial trees as options, and added that the flagpole just down the road was, in fact, a cell tower.

No appeals have yet been lodged, reports the eMissourian, but should one be filed, it will come under the review of the Washington Board of Adjustment. Washington City Administrator, Darren Lamb, told the source that the Board is there to advise, if any residents have questions.

“Is it disguised? That is the question that we have to answer now,” said Lamb.

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