Tower Approval Doesn’t Guarantee a Tower, According To Councilors


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UPDATE Inside Towers recently reported that an appeals court ruled in favor of Verizon Wireless in the matter of a previously denied special use permit for a 60-foot monopole in Peabody, MA. Despite four years of litigation, which culminated in approval for the carrier, City Councilors aren’t convinced that the tower project will come to fruition. 

The Salem News reported that City Councilor-at-Large Jon Turco and Ward 1 Councilor Craig Welton were disappointed by the court’s ruling. Still, they believe Verizon Wireless and Peabody Municipal Light Plant (PMLP) will reach an agreement to add antennas on existing light poles. PMLP General Manager Charles Orphanos said he thinks negotiations, which have been ongoing for several years, could wrap up within the next month. 

“We continue to work with Verizon, and we are very close to an agreement with them,” Orphanos said. “Once the order came out from the court, we reached out to see if this would change their official corporate decision.”

According to Turco, the delay is over pricing negotiations. “PMLP would like the rate to be higher, and Verizon would like it to be lower,” he said, adding that other cell phone providers are likely to try and move into Peabody once Verizon and PMLP come to an agreement.

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