Tower Company Takes Down Monopole With Unsafe Base


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Safety first was the collective decision of Smith Communications and the City of Farmington, AR. The town told Smith Communications to take down a 150-foot monopole because the concrete base was not inspected and approved, reports the Washington County Enterprise-Leader.  

 The tower had already been erected when city officials were notified that the concrete support had been put in without meeting proper installation protocols.

 “There is no way anyone can verify the requirements set forth in the structural plans now that the concrete has been placed,” stated city official, Rick Bramall. “The location of the monopole is in such a place that if the foundation fails it could cause catastrophic damage to property and people.”

“It’s all about risk,” agreed Mayor Ernie Penn. “If you can’t verify that, it’s not acceptable.”  

Smith Communications acceded and took down the tower. Plans are afoot to consult the original plans and start over, beginning with the concrete base. When re-erected, the monopole will stand on a 40×40 foot base with a surrounding fence. The original plans approved a 150-foot stealth white flagpole design with room for five concealed antennas, including two spots currently occupied by Verizon Wireless.  

August 15, 2019   

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