Tower King II Disputes OSHA Finding on Tower Deaths


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UPDATE In citing their assessment of the Miami tower fatality that took three lives last September, OSHA found that Tower King II, the contractor, lacked “a qualified individual to conduct an analysis before performing construction work.” Tower King II disagrees with that finding, according to the Miami Herald.

“The Company consulted several experts in the tower safety industry and asked them to perform a thorough accident investigation,” Tod Morrow, attorney for Tower King II, stated. “Both the Company and its experts have concluded that the accident was caused by the failure of a third-party engineering firm to properly calculate the stress factors on the rigging used to secure the equipment to the TV tower. It is our belief that a mistake in the engineering plan caused an overloading of the rigging components, ultimately causing them to fail.”  

Morrow pointed out that Tower King II, despite the tragedy that cost the company’s stepson his life, finished the job by using a rigging plan with the proper calculations. He has filed a Notice of Contest with the Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission.

April 2, 2018

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