Tower Plans Smashed in Mashpee


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UPDATE Battle plans rage on in Mashpee, Massachusetts as cell tower opponents win the latest skirmish. As the Mashpee Enterprise reports, the Mashpee Planning Board met earlier this week and voted 3-2 against the proposed tower. “Town Meeting is our ultimate legislative body,” said Chairman Mary Waygan. “You don’t ignore a Town Meeting vote.”

The 3-2 decision came despite an earlier decision from the Zoning Board of Appeals to grant a variance for the height of the tower. Blue Sky Towers II had hoped to begin construction on a 150-foot cell tower at the Fire Station 2 on Red Brook Road site.  

Waygan argued that the developers had failed to present alternative solutions with less visual impact. She also stated that the tower was outside of the wireless overlay district and “will never be effective.” 

The two dissenting Board members disagreed with Waygan, saying the lack of cell tower coverage presented a public safety hazard. They stated that poor reception, particularly south of Mashpee, would be improved by the construction of the new tower.

Given the strong local feeling both for and against the proposed tower, Waygan conceded that the matter was likely not settled. She predicted that the two sides could meet again in federal court if Blue Sky chooses to appeal the Board’s decision.

 October 23, 2019

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