Tower Used For Target Practice Suffers $11K in Damages


In October, some Gem County (ID) juveniles decided to use a tower for target practice and caused significant damages, upwards of $11,000, reported the Emmett Messenger Index. The tower, managed by Tekfinity, was damaged during the incident and caused disrupted service to about 225 customers.

When Tekfinity learned of the incident, the company dispatched technicians to asses and repair the equipment. 

According to the telecom, “when they arrived on site, there was an active shooter still targeting our site, and we were forced to vacate the premises and contact local authorities.” 

The areas near the tower are frequently used as a “shooting range” due to the steep sandy hillside providing a relatively safe shooting background for targets, according to the Index. Since the recent incident, the private landowners have put up “No Trespassing” signs.

According to Gem County Chief Deputy Sheriff Donnie Wunder, the case is still pending, awaiting a court trial. Tyler Colbertson, an administrator with Tekfinity, said, “It’s a shame that the actions of few cause these opportunities to be squashed. We know this is not reflective of the community but of the individuals who made these destructive decisions.”

December 6, 2019

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