Tower Worker OK After Getting Launched 40 Feet in the Air By Cable


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A tower worker on the job in Atmore, AL experienced the scare of a lifetime when a snapped cable launched him high in the air and left him dangling. The Bennett Communications worker was part of the crew servicing a cell tower when the incident occurred, reports the Atmore News.

Responding to the 911 call, Police Chief Chuck Brooks said, “He was actually on the ground, and the wire shot up and wrapped around his leg.

 He was pulled about 40 feet in the air, and the other workers got him down. Lucky for him, he was pulled up at an angle and didn’t hit the tower on the way up.” Witnesses say a worker higher up attempted to help by cutting an interfering cable, and nearly imperiled another tower worker trying to climb up.

An observer at the scene called for emergency services saying, “I called 911. I stayed on the line for a while before they finally asked me what state and city I was calling from. They kept asking questions, so I finally texted them a picture to show what was happening. It was a scary situation.” The caller further described the suspended worker as “hanging upside-down, screaming his head off.” 

The Atmore Fire Company was able to free the man, who was determined to be rattled but uninjured. Atmore Fire Department Captain Jeremy Blackmon sagely noted, “If he didn’t already believe in God, he does now.”  

Although the unnamed worker refused an ambulance ride to the hospital, a co-worker drove him there to be examined for further injuries.

December 13, 2019

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