Towers Have a Future as Weather Forecasters


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ClimaCell isn’t leaving weather plans to chance, they are harvesting cell tower data in a new way to predict the weather. Word from, says that this new company is attracting a lot of buzz with their innovative use of existing resources. Reading infrastructure transmissions allows ClimaCell to predict local weather patterns, such as lightning forecasts and freezing temperatures, six hours in advance.

 The Hypercast program developed by ClimaCell relies on a software program that picks up on minute differences in signal conduction. With the wealth of cell phones and cell towers gives ClimaCell a lot of very specific data that it can merge to create a picture of weather patterns. Companies like Jet Blue and Crown Castle are taking notice of this new player in the field.

Tower companies, particularly the “Big Three,” with over 100,000 towers in the U.S., are well positioned to benefit from an application that tracks cell phone data. Carriers looking to collect more data have many perches to choose from with the telecom giant. The boom of small cell booster boxes and thousands of miles of fiber cable don’t hurt either. ClimaCell is attracting investors and it appears that interest in telecom providers will only increase.

 JetBlue, for example, came on as an investor after first getting involved as a client. The micro-patterns that ClimaCell can predict represent a degree of fine tuning that could save the airline a lot of money. Timing an expensive de-icing process just right, for instance, allows JetBlue to manage its resources with increased efficiency.

August 6, 2019     

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